We are interested in purchasing your store stock, customer returns, hashes, shelf pulls, b grade or any other type of excess inventory. We buy in bulk. Looking for a place to sell anything from your excess inventory to customer returns, look no further!  You may be asking yourself if we are the right business for you.  SharpShoe is a family owned and operated business aiming to provide our customers with the best quality of products. Being a family owned business, we are able to provide that extra personal touch in everything we do that may become absent when doing business with the larger eCommerce giants. At SharpShoe we are a fast growing eCommerce business always looking for ways to further expand our inventory. 

Allowing us to purchase your store stock, customer returns, liquidation, shelf pulls, B grade items, and excess inventory will not only benefit our business but yours as well. Inventory is sunk money sitting around in a variety of forms; let us turn your inventory into the money it deserves to be.  Not sure, what type of inventory we will take?  SharpShoe is always interested in assisting with obsolete inventory, leftover inventory, extra inventory, and inventory left over from closing or restructuring businesses.


We accept all brands of footwear and apparel from Asics, Nike, Reebok, Timberland, Skechers, etc.  B grade items are not a concern for us; we accept these marked pieces along with gently used returned items.  If you have no further use for products like this then SharpShoe is the business for you.  We can take the clutter from overstock and hash you may have, along with any shelf pulls you no longer want.

Choosing us as your liquidator for your store stock, customer returns, liquidation, shelf pulls, B grade items, excess inventory, or any other products you have no further use for will guarantee money in your pocket each time you choose to do business with us. Allowing us to be your bulk buyer turns inventory into cash quick. 


We pay cash, come next day, and are willing to look at everything! Please feel free to contact us with any further questions or concerns you may have.  We are always available around the clock and we will respond right away because we understand your time is precious. 


We look forward to doing business with you!